Forthcoming byelections

Here are the vacancies and forthcoming byelections:

30 October

6 November

13 November

20 November

27 November

4 December


3 thoughts on “Forthcoming byelections

  1. Brian Mosdell Councillor for Newxhurch ward on Isle Of Wight UA has sadly died . He was elected as a Conservative but later resigned and was a member of the Ind non aligned group .
    Craig Taylor SNP Councillor for Ward 7 Jilbernie/Beith on North Ayrshire Council also sadly died 2 weeks ago .

  2. Rosemary O-Shea Conservative councillor foe Rhe Three Colnes ward on Braintree DC has resigned , the byelection will be on December 4th .

  3. 2 sad deaths in London boroughs .
    Alf Catterall Conswevative councillor for East Wickham ward on Bexley LBC
    John Jackson Conservative councillor for Bush Hill Park ward on Enfield LBC

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